Saturday, June 5, 2010

to-be & not-to-be. it was a question.

to be or not to be that is a question for all of us.
yes! i am the once will chose to be,
even i duno the ending will how.
but if the to be is a need for me to improve myself to become more better and happy, i will force own to choose it.

human need to force own always to do something which is "to be".

"to be improve.."
"to be happy"
"to be trust by someone"
"to be a person whose outstanding"
"to be myself and share myself together to all my friend."
"to be life story wif all my dear fired and also someone whose is important in my life before and also now."

a story will always have a new chapter and keep continue if u choose to believe that everything will have a grade starting when u try start your own story.

Choose to believe the "to-be-continue~ in every moment when there is a moment you lost something;

the moment you lost something,

is was the moment you need to trust yourself,

the moment you trust yourself, it was the moment you can do something to made the story continue and catch back the thing that you lost ..

nothing will lost forever, it just depend that you wan to made the thing "to be continue" or "no to be continue" in your life only.

sometime, something in this moment is a crisis and it was something that you feel that you hate to have it and hate to be continue it.

well,if you feel really tired. rest awhile, and maybe once day you will found out, actually..the moment that you hate, is a moment tht you choose that "no to be continue" your story.

nothing is right or wrong,
it just depend on the time u made your decision.

maybe the moment you choose "no to be" is a right choose for you, not a right mind if you always put the thing in to the category wif track mark "not-to-be"ever and ever again in your life.

it was a decision you killing some hope from your life.. =(

if there are some chance and thing come to you..try to change your "no to be " to become "to be".

you will find out there are something behind and it was something you never thought the moment you choose to believe it.

a the moment that human choose to trust it was something to be, and it is the moment we give our life some hope =)

a difficult life should have a hope to made us survive,
agree? ;p

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