Sunday, August 22, 2010

can you see me now? o.O? NooooOOOneed =P

wake up in the morning,finally i found out.
there are something may happen again.
hmm,will i be crazy ?

hope the thing i sens was something extra and it won't happen..
hmm,actually..why i wan worry bout?

i think mayb i should follow the sens i feel.
leave she far away before i get hurt..i should i may and i must.
will, today just wake up in the morning..
i hear this 2song .. (如果能重新的恋爱)

and (爱情慌)

en, i get ur answer now.
forgive me that i help u to made ur decision..

your attitude..force me to help you made this decision.. didn't give me any feedback?

recently hear many diff type song.

here some song i would like to intro~

1) see me now
2) missing you
3) mine
4)got you back
5)leave me alone (i'm lonely)
6)club can't handle me
7) the house that built me
8)you are

someting that made me feel confuse..
but is ok..

you can request a person to wait you, ofcos that person can learn hard to trust you during the period him waiting you..

but..why dun you care more bout the feeling that some1 waiting u?

i feel, abit tired..because of you feedback..
the ans is not important..the important thing is ur heart..
i can't seens your 诚意 all..

during this period i waitng..i need a hug..
i think i really need it..i feel so tired..but..i think..there are still many ppl same as me..izzit?

sure,there are still many ppl same wif me..sure =)

what is the feeling that i feel with you?
will, if you really got heart..pls go hear the song i highlight.. =)

leave me alone (i'm lonely) _by pink

i think it quite..矛盾 =)
why i will feel that? it is simple..cause i cant trust you..
the ans..the way u ans..cant give me any thing to push me continue to wait for it.

club can't handle me~
hearing this song to change my mood =P yeah~ xD

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