Monday, April 26, 2010

cake house moment..

i hope i can went to cake house and enjoy a cake alone,

if got the chance, i did to do that..
it let me feel so sad when i did it.. also made me feel so relax when i eating alone in the cake house..
someonce told me that i got 2 diff ppl inside my heart..
i duno i really got 2 diff ppl inside my heart anot..
but the onli thing i can comfrom is..
i abit sot plug..
some time i wll very active..and sometime..
i will very diam...

what is my this year birthday wish?
i hope i can enjoy a pick of cake alone in a cake house..
i dun feel like hoping who to eat together wif me..
cause there are no ppl will know what i feel..
and, should i go to Singapore in the coming day?
hmm..this question really made me feel that i duno how to ans myself..
can some1 pls giv me some point or some commend to me ? =x
i need a person to talk well wif me..but..

where are you? =‘(

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