Monday, January 30, 2012

last 2day for jan =D

suddenly there are a sound pop out on my mind..
"what is the reason that i need you ?"

oh my god! it was very serious question..
how come i will ask myself this this showing that i feel worry about this relations?..

this question..i only ask myself 1 time before..
and..this is the secand time i asked.

i really dun understand..what is the problem?..
mayb i am the person that really hate this type of thing happen on my partner..

i hope that this thing can be cure soon..
or else, we will reach to the goal that saying bye bye to each other..

new year is going end..hmmm..
what other couple had done in this new year?..

actually, we are not the most bad right?..
my mon ask me when the 1st day on new year..

a same question tht your sister ask me b4..
why both of you can still holding each other ppl for so long..?

all i need, is a partner, not a dog or what..
i just need a partner can really made our life to become meaningful.

and oso happy.

coming chu 10..
i have no choice to skip my work..

what excuse should i give to my boss?..

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