Friday, September 16, 2011

jwei to koko message.

Q: how can i made some1 know me more......... =x
A: it's depend on how much you know them xD

am i?
recently i duno what happen to me..
but 1 thing that i can sure,i dun like the feeling that having some generationgate with you.

it is suffer, when i found out that i got the generation gate with you.

i become more sensitive person recently,do you realize ?

i started change to another you. this is what i feel.....

my mun complain to me, she say tht i am degeneration day by day that i really dun have any idea that it happening.

am i?
or this is the true personality of koko?

i feel lik i dun like the name koko anymore.
i lik myself as jwei.

koko just a joker, that hope can made my friend and family and lover be happy.

ko = die?
koko = die gao gao >.<

dis is the 1sttime i think how can i intro myself to other in a funny way =]

1 year pass. (with the words ED.)
there are 1 thing that i need to agree with myself.

"i am actually not that strong that i thought."

attitude is everything.
i have an attitude problem in this relations? am i?

i know myself was a very kind person in any type of relations..

i dare and also feel ok to give out everything i can to other.

this is the person that i know myself.
or..i am wrong?

what thing made koko wrong?
when did koko start to not believe other and be a person that i hate most?

there are always a thing..
a thing that i really duno how to spread it out.

and i am sure that you are the person that can help me to found out the thing.
the one and the only.

do you know?

"how can i made some1 understand me?
it depend how much i understand them.."

did i know you well?

if yes, how come both of us cant accept our attitude?

do you know me well? or, should i ask myself,
koko, do you know she well?

this few day i spend around rm30 in comn and solve the misunderstood..

it heaven add my home telephone fees yet..

all i wan to mention at here is not how much we spend in the time we doing comn..
it was not a problem..but it was a thing that not very good for me and you..

there are a question tht suddenly pop out in my mind..

did we solve the crisis we facing?
spend so lot of time and money and also attitude.

did the way we solve the crisis made any different to us?
no..?errr...i feel the answer was no.. =x

what is the point that we doing in this few day or so many month to calling each other?

yes..?errr..i hope it was yes.....
how come both of us fell strange with each other?

did the thing we doing adalah worthless?
what will we get in the ending?

you feel that i am not very practical.
i have no idea that why i made you feel that in the end.

my attitude?
hmm.. you misunderstood of my attitude?

or this is what ppl always mention as generation gate?

should i find out the answer for this question?..

i always asking myself.
what did i need to do or what i hope it every moment we facing trouble..

just because i cant understand what you need in those moment?

can i just accept whatever thing you wan?..
but i feel that i am not a person that look like that..

which is the true?
koko changed?
or you thought koko changed?


what is the thing harr?..........

everyone have own secret and something which is difficult to cross over..

i found that when i have a relations ship.
i started have a thing that i cant cross over.

when i face you, i feel that i have a weakness which is other i wont found it happen on myself in normal time.

is this a good thing or something that prove you are the right person that i should meet and solve it together with you?

hmm...jwei suddenly missing in actino again while typing this msg to koko. (-___________-)

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